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Your Power Commander Experience

I'm about ready to throw in the towel and give up on the Power Commander. Before I do I also wanted to hear about others experience and if you are having any issues.

I purchased a new PCIII USB off the board here that had never been used. It was the previous model that required you to tap in to the wiring on the TPS. I sent it back to Dynojet Research and had it updated with new wiring harness (y connectors) and latest firmware.

Installed it and had it dyno tuned. Soon after found the TPS was bad and replaced it. This was causing the bike to run very rich which the tune took out. Now that it was fixed the tune I had was way too lean. So I took the bike back to the tuner. Now keep in mind the only thing we changed from the previous tune was a new TPS.

The tuner said he couldn't tune it due to the Power Commander jumping around from cell to cell on the software. I had noticed when riding the bike was surging and bogging more at highway speed with a safe map loaded. So I call Dynojet and they tell me I have to cut into the ground wire to the battery and run one of the wires to tap into the ground on the TPS. I mean this was one of the reasons I sent it back for the upgrade so it would be plug n play with no splicing.

I also found there are others out there with the same exact problem who were told by Dynojet to do the same thing.

Thomm, this guy says he finally just removed the PCIII altogether because he continued to have problems.

Before I go and start splicing, which may or may not solve the problem, I wanted to check and see if anyone else out there was having issues with their PCIII? I'm about ready to pull it out but I sure do like that extra 14 HP :-)
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