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Originally Posted by rodbolt View Post
I was going to go down the vernier gear route (as this is what I use to dial the Scooby engines in that I build) but being a road based bike,dont really want to loose the scissor gears and increased valvetrain noise.

I've got WebCam adjustable gears on mine, and it's actually quieter than with the stock scissors gears! None of that whine anymore, but in its' place there is a bit of chatter at low rpms. doesn't make near the volume it did before, but this might be different for each bike. When I mentioned this to Mike he replied that he'd noticed the same thing with the latest batches of WebCam gears (same as sold by Spears) as it seems they've tightened up the clearances a bit.

And Mike very kindly sent me the Beta version of this 'using the idler to adjust cam timing' idea last winter when I had mine apart for improvements. But I was so boggled by the math I broke down and got the adjustable gears. It was hard enough to get the cams exactly where we wanted them even with the gears! Those who are braver and more mechanically inclined sure could use the idler to accomplish the task, but it really looks like 'Rain Man' Mad Scientist Genius type stuff to me.

I don't remember if he said to re-mark the idler with some form of permanent paint (or the like) so somewhere down the road you or whomever will have a fighting chance to get it back in time correctly should you have to change your cam chains or whatnot.

Mike has been offering the suggestion to bump compression, reduce squish and re-time cams for a while now....and I'm very, very happy with the results. Engine pulls well from 4K to redline and just gets stronger as it comes up all the way to the limiter. I've got to believe that this engine is everything the TL's were...and more in the midrange with the better port design. Really wish everyone could enjoy the SV1K the way it could have been, instead of the emasculated version they chose to sell. But some of this was obviously emissions related so maybe it isn't all their fault.
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