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Extreme newbie alert!!


I've half-decided to proceed with this procedure, however I do have some questions to help me wrap my head around it!

1. There's tons of stuff on the internet about cam lobe centers and how to measure them, yes, but looking for measurement equipment all I can find is expensive stuff: e.g. Webcamshaft's Complete Cam Degreeing Kit
(Web Cam Inc. - Performance and Racing Camshafts / Web Cam Tools) at $275... aren't there any cheaper tools? What do I need to make the measurements and where do I get it from?

2. I doubt my SV1000S K3 has ever been opened to do a valve check, let alone have its camshafts and head bits upgraded... in other words I am 99.9999% sure its stock. Is it absolutely necessary to take the lobe center measurements or is it safe to just go ahead and advance the idler gears 1 tooth??

3. By "thrust adjuster lock ring" do you mean the "thrust adjuster lock nut" ??? (manual page 3-9)

4. Regarding the messing about the engine's thrust adjusters: are we essentially moving the engine out of place temporarily to facilitate the idler gear shaft removal process??

5. Final question regarding the idler gear shaft removal: doesn't the removal of the cam chain tensioners provide enough slack to the cam chain to lift it enough to advance the idler gear one tooth? Isn't the shaft what's holding the idle gear in place? If so, how do we prevent the idler gear from falling inside the crankcase after we remove its shaft??

Thanks so much!!

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