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Originally Posted by svwelder1 View Post
fairly hard riding to be honest. 100mph + at times. think il change the air filter first and spark plugs then see how that goes.
OK tootling around on country roads at 80/100kph (50/60mph) you should get +-5.6ltr/100km, You can do the conversion. Flogging the ass of it though twisties in 4th chasing GSXR/Fireblades and going full bore on the straights (250kph in 5th) you will get roughly 10.5/11 ltr/100 which equates to +-100/110km or 60/65miles before the light comes on from a really full tank.
OK No chance on the straights but they take one hell of a time to catch up after the twisties. (Or so a friends tells me) Hope that helps.

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