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Originally Posted by RecoilRob View Post
The stock engine needs 87 octane (we use R+M/2) at sea level and the higher you go....the less octane you need because of the reduction in atmospheric pressure. Many States here that exist at altitudes of 4000+feet only have 91 octane as their highest where we down here near Sea Level have 93-94 common at the pumps.

Your 98 is very likely much the same as our 93 rating and unless you've modified the motor pretty decently it's not needed even at Sea Level. If the bike seems to like the all means use it! The stock SV motor isn't hard on the octane and detonation shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks Junkie; It all makes perfect sense but also poses the question... Do American made bikes have a different compression ratio to Japanese made bikes? Mine is a Jap bike (E4) and I would assume that Missing Link's Bike is also a Jap manufacture. In any event I'm going to drop it down to a tank full of 93 and see what happens. Probably nothing but I'll let you all know,

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