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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Thanks Junkie; It all makes perfect sense but also poses the question... Do American made bikes have a different compression ratio to Japanese made bikes? Mine is a Jap bike (E4) and I would assume that Missing Link's Bike is also a Jap manufacture. In any event I'm going to drop it down to a tank full of 93 and see what happens. Probably nothing but I'll let you all know,

Nope.....I believe all markets got the same motor....though some had more restrictive ECU's for different HP max due to regulations.

The basic design and tuning of the SV1K means it's not going to run happily below 3000 rpm and is happiest getting WOT no less than it's spinning pretty fast and really can't be lugged so detonation is not much of a problem for most.

The worst part of this problem is that detonation is VERY destructive and I for sure would never hear it should it happen which means the motor will die if I let it detonate. Seeing as I can't detect when it would happen...I run the best fuel I can find and (knocks on wood) it's still alive and well on our 93.

There are different ways to blend fuel that will arrive at the same octane rating but contain a lot different btu content or vaporize better or whatever else can contribute to less fuel being needed and better mileage results. I try all the different brands in the local area and if I find one runs gets used.

Years ago Sunoco used to offer a Super 94 blend and my V-Max always got 30 or so more miles on a tank vs all the other fuels available in town. Others had the same results so there must have been more energy in that fuel to deliver better mpg's in everyone who tried it.
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