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Originally Posted by twag4 View Post
Honda and the others do it that way too. Itís the easiest way to lift the clutch open. On the right side would require a fork or lever and a throw out bearing like a car. Plus, if the rod takes a hit, but saves the cases when a chain breaks, Iím ok with that. Otherwise the bottom cases are destroyed- they might be anyway. I read on FB of a guy that just broke a chain. New clutch push rod and push rod seal, and he is back in business with chain and sprockets. He got off way cheap! My Honda RC51 has a clutch push rod just like the SV. It works well
The push rod aint gonna stop the chain from punching the case if it is going to, worse yet, losing that push rod prevents you from disengaging the engine by pulling in the clutch. In any case it happens in a fraction of a second and the push rod is a twig compared to the chain being powered by the motor. Anyway the reason an SV would likely not break the case is that the case especially on the bottom where most of the time the chain gets squished into is pretty far from the sprocket. Its not like the GS motors of old where its right next to it.

I know of a few other motors that are that way, but the vertical arm cam for the clutch on the right side IMHO is far better, and both designs need a throw out setup and they both have a bearing. However most fluid clutches are setup this way, in fact I am yet to see a clutch master cyl on the right on top of the case. Doable, but I've never seen one.
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