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I've run this bike up and down the street ,so I'm finally glad to say, it works, far from perfect, but works.
SV650 - 2003-04 clutch lever, perch, cable, and actuation mechanism were used.
A longer push rod was fabbed out of 1/4" (I think, could be 6mm) rod pulled from a Chinese scooter motor (head bolt) Or it was an XR75 honda. Some like that.

Spacers were cut from a big block chevy pushrod - got to use push rod parts to make a push rod pusher LOL.
Longer bolts than the SV1000's bolts were needed, 100mm if I recall, all sourced from junkyard.

Result - working cable clutch, with original cover intact. I've not mangled any of the original parts, cost of this whole thing was just elbow grease and maybe a few $$ here and there because I got most of this from a junkyard along with a bunch of other parts, whole dirt bike front ends etc. Presumably I added some $$$ to the tally.

I'll take it apart again and get pics of each with measurements shortly. There are some problems still, like the clutch inner is too long. May need to make a new one, the mangling etc ended up bending the bolt that the carrier bracket is bolted to and that bend has resulted in the thing being correctly located, I may need to keep that in mind when I take it off next time or fix it now by replacing the bolt and bending the bracket in a vice. My need to fit a bandit 600 clutch perch, cos I need a mirror post for my newly minted Naked. But it does a damn good job with a nice light pull to the lever due to the longer arm on the cam and nice easy operation.
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