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Originally Posted by schmidt314 View Post
The All-Balls kits are nice because they come with seals also along with all three bearings.

If the axle was way over tightened also check the center spacer to make sure it is not damaged. If this gets crushed, it can cause more bearing issues down the road.

...another thing to look at, if there is a persistant issue with wheel bearings failing or needing replacement is how they are installed.....

Lots of people dont use correctly manufactured bearing puller/installers, sometimes home made, too thin plates... and they can bow in the middle and place a serious side load on the centre race of the bearing, and, also when the hit "home" it is only the centre race, leaving the outer race not quite seated, then the centre race is left not in proper contact with the spacer tube. Once the axle is tight, that side load is applied again...and the balls are already wearing away at the races.
If a pin punch is used to hit the bearings in around the outer race, the opposite can happen, the outer race hits home and the inner race gets pushed outwards by the spacer....
And before all of this, the bearings need to be installed in the right order....the bearing on one side is seated completly, then the spacer tube, and then the other bearing goes in, which seats against the spacer tube only, leaving a small gap to the hub.....

On the SV (and plenty of others) the left side (seated) bearing goes in first. On the rear, it is the right side bearing that goes in first.

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