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It sounds like your stack height might be too small and the pressure plate is bottoming out on the center hub, or maybe the clutch can’t get full force onto the pack because of the slave or rod not being allowed to move full stroke properly?

Are you shimming the springs back from stock at all?

Vesrah clutch plates are typically good, but I always try to use OEMs. I have not had a set of the Vesrah plates in hand for a 14 and up DL so I can not comment.

I refuse to use or even pour Rotella into a bike if a customer supplies it.


What's wrong with rotella? I wasn't aware of any negative effects and it was recommended by a few friends of mine. What's a better oil to use??

When you say shimming the springs, what exactly are you referring to? The stock sv has 6 short springs, the updated DL1k set-up has 3 long springs. It's impossible to use the original springs from the sv.

As for master cylinder engagement, I rebuilt the master cylinder and cleaned up the slave cylinder and reassembled. I confirmed engagement last night before I put everything back together. I squeezed the clutch lever and everything looked normal.

Another issue I'm having is that the engine sounds very smooth and healthy but once I shift into first the bike keeps bucking until I'm above 3k rpm. I think maybe it's related to the front sprocket when I replaced it and the chain last weekend. I torqued the main bolt to 80 ft/lbs like the service manual says and there aren't stiff links in the chain so I'm at a loss with what the issue could be.
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