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Originally Posted by menaudi View Post
Didn't I read on this forum that the K6+ 600 forks were easier because they are longer than stock and the K4-K5 tubes were shorter than stock? So the K4-K5 tubes had to be set lower than the top of the triple?
According to the previous owner, I have K5 GSX-R1k forks and they are set flush.

As far as I know - K6/K7 GSX-R 600/750 forks are the same length as SV ones.
I found out that the shock from the k4/5 600/750 is the same length as the stock SV one..
You can distinguish the gsx-r1000 forks by the colour of the lower fork tube - silver for 600/750 and black for 1k.

From all the reading on this site and over the net... I have been able to complete the suspension puzzle for my self.
- The most Fiddling with the suspension I'm willing to go through for next season is a linear spring+new oil in the forks(Found some 9k/mm Ohlins fork springs which should be ok for my skill level/riding/weight(96kg)),a k5 gsx-r600 shock with 8.5 kg/mm K-tech spring+new oil.
After that I'm willing to rebuild the forks and shock with Race tech gold valves and if needed to change the springs.
I don`t intend to do much more than that on the suspension,should be pretty decent for nice pace canyon/mountain pass riding.
Other things that are truly worth it are steel braided brake(for the front)/clutch lines and nice brake pads.

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