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General Information

Apline White
Aside from routine maintenance (fluids, filters, plugs), here's what I've replaced so far:

Expected Costly "Consumables" Expenses:

at 131,144 km (81489 miles)...
1. Replaced REAR brake rotors, pads and sensors (full service)

at 139,267 km (86536 miles)...
2. New Pirelli P7 Cinturato tires. I would say I got my money's worth on the original set!! They're run flats and ride quality is admittedly a bit harsh over bumps, but I still like the way they perform and wear.
3. Replaced REAR shock absorbers, spring pads, guide supports, fasteners, etc.
4. Replaced FRONT struts, spring pads, guide supports, fasteners, etc. (re-used original coil springs--they're fine)

at 140,043 km (87018 miles)...
5. Replaced FRONT brake rotors, pads and sensors (full service)

Unexpected Expenses:

at 110,051 km (68382 miles)...
6. Replaced the defective horns, both the low frequency and high frequency units, under extended warranty. This appears to be a common problem with the F30. Mine stopped working after a car wash in the winter time. I am convinced water and ice caused it. Who knows.

at 126,793 km (78785 miles)...
7. Replaced LH exterior mirror assembly (just after my extended warranty expired!!). I will only say that my anus is about 2 inches wider after I bent over to pay out of pocket!! As with the horns, the mirror motor stopped working (folding in/out) after a car wash in the winter time.

at 145,800 km (90595 miles)...
8. Replaced the gas tank vent valve, as it was sticking since original purchase at 67,000 km. It would trigger a check engine light. It did this only infrequently, so I ignored it. However, the problem became more and more frequent as of late, so I replaced it. It wasn't a terribly expensive fix, and I noticed improvements to fuel efficiency! It was a worthwhile fix.

As of December 3, 2020, there is 161,000 km (100,000 miles) on the odometer and still going strong !!
2012 BMW 328i (Apline White)



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