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  1. Want to sell
    I used this rack on my SV1000S with a V46 Monokey and a smaller Monolock case. It's in perfect condition with the Monokey base currently attached. It makes for great waterproof and lockable storage as well as a passenger backrest. Very quick to install and remove on the SV and can be used...
  2. Bikes for Sale
    Hello all, I took this bike as a trade a few weeks ago with high hopes for the summer but unfortunately I have to part ways. The bike has 8080 miles on it and it is basically bone stock. Note, both mufflers have been scraped, and there is some scraping by the right headlight and it needs a new...
  3. Want to sell
    Up for grabs, like new (only used for ~50km home from work) Givi TPH02 Tankbag. I know I'm relatively new here, but I figured I'd post it up here as well as my usual local board and kijiji. I have the Suzuki adapter ring with this, it should bolt right up to just about any Suzuki 5 bolt gas...
  4. Online trading
    well times have come to do the fork seals and cush drive, being done tomorow and MOT booked in for friday, taxed till october, in good condition just needs TLC and a good clean, looking for £1750 all in viper cans k3s swingarm and hugger renthal 722 bars 55 thousand miles braided lines full...
  5. Online trading
    Hallo I'm looking for SW Motech rear rack If anyone got one for sale ...let me know (PM) Cheers
1-5 of 5 Results