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  1. Money saving and Tips
    Can't remember how to get a post in the Discounts section so..... Discount for SV-Portal UK members Motorcycle Helmets | Just Motorcycle Helmets | Motorcycles | Schuberth | Viper | Scorpion - the one stop shop for the best brands in motorcycle helmets: 10% off all orders Quote: SV-PORTAL
  2. Clothing and accessories
    Ok, with a 3 week road trip coming up, I thought I would try and get music for the road. So far I have tried Helmet Speakers: Strange how they worked friggin awesome on the way home from the store when I bought them.. only to discover the next time I rode the bike I could barely hear the music...
  3. Rave on
    On the 2 day ride this week I had the frustration of my Ipod running out of charge after 4 -5 hours, so I'm on the hunt for a charging system mounted to the SV. What I'm looking for is a system wired to the battery with the connection under the pillion seat so I can plug the Ipod in during a...
  4. Money saving and Tips
    On the second day of the ride to Wanganui and back, I started to suffer from 'Helmet Head', that irritating icthing of the scalp that results in moving the helmet around on your head to try and scratch the spot. My Arai is not that old (less than a year), and one I want to keep in good...
  5. Clothing and accessories
    Show your helmet Hi all There have been numerous threads with bikes and babes, belonging to, or admired by the shrewd members of this honorable portal. Now I think the time has come to show your Helmets. A helmet shows who you are or at least who you want to be. It’s a most personal piece of...
1-5 of 5 Results