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  1. SV1000 discussion
    I wanted to help get the word out that Dale at Holeshot has made up some 2003 SV1000S model high mount pipes. He has updated his web site with the specific info. I bought a TFI tuning box from him for a 2006 SV1000S and he is a great guy to deal with; if you can, please try to drive some...
  2. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Does anyone know if i can have a high mount exhaust fitted (ie. M4) and still be able to fit panniers (SW Motech, or others if possible) cheers
  3. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    I have the Yoshimura TRS pipes and was wanting to do a high mount mod. I have looked all over but can't find anything but the whole package. Any suggestions for a DIY mod or is there a kit out there to do it with?
1-3 of 3 Results