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  1. SV1000 discussion
    Just had a renewal quote from Carole Nash at £153 fully comp, given the age and relative low value of the bike I asked what the price would be to go TPFT and was quoted £156! :confused: How come it is cheaper to insure fully comprehensively than it is to only go third party fire and theft?
  2. Bikes for Sale
    2003 Suzuki SV1000S in the Montreal, Canada area. (Delivery possible in a 700 km (450 miles) radius around Montreal.) 4500$CAN. Blue. 27 000 km. Big advantage of this bike in the province of Quebec (I don't know about other places) is that it is considered "standard" by insurance companies and...
  3. Money saving and Tips
    I am trying to buy a 2003 SV 1000 s. I have a clean driving record. How much will one of these run me per month?
1-3 of 3 Results