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  1. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    I searched the forum and found a couple threads on driving lights, but they were all either side or lower-fork mounted. I have a light like this one and I'd like to mount it under the fairing, but I'm concerned about the...
  2. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hallo All maybe someone will be able to help... I got flasher relay, removed 2 cables (brown and light blue) connected relay - turned ignition on - the indicators blinked, then stayed on for a while and then just stopped working. the relay got quite hot then I tried to get back to factory...
  3. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hi Does anyone know where I can get LED Indicators Flash relay in UK (up to £12)? And I mean cheap - in US you can get these for $12, so i don't want to pay ridiculous prices for Motrax, etc. Cheers
  4. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I have finally taken the plunge.... well, been forced to take the plunge, and bought a pair of Cyccon mirrors w/ indicators. Why you might ask? Well, it seems I forgot that front brakes work very poorly on wet grass, and pulling off the road turned into a tuck and roll off...
1-4 of 4 Results