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  1. New Member Speak
    Iam new to this site but I got my SV S in 2011. I've put a lot of miles on her and just love to ride but I wanted to keep the basics while adding my own style. So I put some speedmetal HID lights on the only thing is that the lights don't always come on and I have to turn the bike off and on...
  2. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hey guys, I installed a smart tre (off ebay) on my sv1000s (2007) about a month ago. When I put my bike in gear, the neutral light stays on (ever so slightly illuminated, not full out ON). When I start moving, or rev the engine for that matter, the neutral light gets brighter... I haven't...
  3. SV1000 discussion
    OK, I'm starting a new thread, because i feel i need to! trying to get this new problem sorted out! got rides coming up, and miles to put down.. The red FI light came on the other day, as did the 'FI' in bold-ed letters on the left of the clock display, and flashing FI in the temp display...
  4. Online trading
    I need the left rear turn signal for a sv1000s 2k7. It has the amber cover to it. if anyone has it let me know for how much. thank you for your time.
1-4 of 4 Results