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  1. SV1000 discussion
    I wanted to help get the word out that Dale at Holeshot has made up some 2003 SV1000S model high mount pipes. He has updated his web site with the specific info. I bought a TFI tuning box from him for a 2006 SV1000S and he is a great guy to deal with; if you can, please try to drive some...
  2. SV1000 discussion
    I am soon to purchase a SV1000S. My queston to all of you very smart forum mates is, which is the better overall product? Micron titanium or Leo Vince titanium slip-on pipes. Thanks in advance for your input...
  3. SV1000 discussion
    Okay, I have a brand spankin new set of OEM mufflers-pipes laying around and was contacted about making an exchange with a set of slightly marred K3 pipes off of a naked. I just need to know if two years' are compatible. Per the Ron Ayers website, they have different model numbers, but that...
  4. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Ok I've just fitted a new set of bolt ons. Ixil xtreme short ones. They came with a rubber o-ring gasket type deal that I assume replaces the metal ring gasket that comes off the standard pipes? Have I fitted them correctly? Rubber gasket - Hot pipes seems odd. Should both the metal gasket and...
1-4 of 4 Results