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  1. Want to sell
    Have a used fan assembly for sale. Will sell for $50 OBO.
  2. Want to sell
    Giving you guys a chance to buy this before I put it on ebay because I know it's a pain to find. Backstory: went down at the track which bent my radiator back which bent the fan blades. Bought new blades and attached it to motor. Tested the motor, and it works fine! Promise. In the mean time...
  3. Want to buy
    Looking for a replacement fan if anyone has one! Thank you.
  4. SV1000 discussion
    I have a 2003 naked model and need to replace the radiator. I am wondering if the S model radiator will fit. I know they have a longer filler neck, but don't know if there are other differences. There are definitely more s radiators available, which is the reason I am asking. Thanks.
  5. Want to buy
    I am interested in purchasing radiator side covers for my sv1000s. I have the blue model. I have searched the forums and have not found much on these, is there a site where I can buy them or maybe someone is looking o sell theirs. Thank you for your time.
  6. SV1000 discussion
    I recently had the "good" fortune to be knocked off my SV , in the process, the radiator was well mashed whilst the engine was running ,and, consequently the coolant was lost. Am I trying to jump fences that aren't there , or will there be any damage internally to the heads/bores/internals ...
  7. Online trading
    just found out that my radiator is leaking i need to replace it... any one got spares layin around?
  8. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Whats up fellas! Was looking for some info on Radiator covers and found this website: I didnt find a thread on here that talked about so i thought I'd share it as im sure there are some new Sv1000 Owners with no Rad Cover. I had to replace the...
  9. SV1000 discussion
    I have added the lower fairings to my 05 SV1000S and I had the oil changed recently and the dealer stripped the fairing bolt that goes in to the radiator the bolt has since popped out and is god knows where. I need suggestions first on how to get a new fairing bolt and second what to do since...
1-9 of 9 Results