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  1. Want to sell
    ---- SOLD ---- Suzuki Sv1000 Rear Sets - Stock Stock 2007 Suzuki SV1000s Rear sets. Took it off when i upgraded my rear sets. Great condition, straight and no scraped pegs. Left - $30 Right - $30 Both $40
  2. Online trading
    Came off of my 2007 SV1000s when i did a GSXR front end swap. Parts had 22,000KM on them, but are in great shape Comes with... Callipers + Brake Pads Stock brake lines Stock front fender - Black, no major scratches Stock Clip-ons unless sold separately Replacement...
  3. Want to sell
    I have the original cans off my bike. They are in really good condition they were on the bike for less than 500 miles. Make me an offer :)
  4. SV1000 discussion
    Im trying to buy a pair of stock or aftermarket passenger foot rests for the sv1000s 2005. Does anyone have a link or trying to sell their stock ones? I get confused when looking them up on the Suzuki sites because there are two links and im not sure which ones go on the passenger. or what to...
  5. Want to sell
    FYI, these cans are NOT mine but I stumbled upon them when searching for some other exhaust option deals. They look pretty pristine and I can't imagine that they'd go for more than $100 when it's all done. Needless to say, sweet deal...
  6. Bikes for Sale
    One previous owner. A local bike builder who meticulously maintained the bike. I've owned it for about a year and a half, haven't had as much time to ride as I thought I would. Hate to see it go but it has to be done. 19,042 miles. Completely stock. Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier tires. Never...
1-6 of 6 Results