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  1. Want to sell
    Starter motor suits SV1000 SV1000 2003-2007 DL1000 V-Strom 2002-2018 In good working condition OEM 31100-06G01 Located TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN or Yatala during work hours by arrangement
    $85 AUD
  2. Want to sell
    Suzuki SV1000 SV1000S TRE This item tells your ECU that you are in top gear. In standard form the ECU restricts the mapping in the lower gears. Plugs into the gear position sender loom. Also will fit TL1000S and R Possibly on SV and DL650's too
    $45 AUD
  3. Want to sell
    Suzuki Genuine Regulator suits all SV1000 and SV1000S from 2003 to 2007 SV650 and SV650S from 2003 to 2015 DL650 V-Strom from 2004 to 2007 OEM 32800-16G02 in good working order Located TAMBORINE MOUNTAIN or Yatala in working hours by arrangement
    $40 AUD
  4. Want to sell
    Suzuki SV1000 / SV1000S Magneto / Stator In good condition and still working well when removed from bike. No burning or heat effected stains OEM 32101-16G01 is $870 believe it or not. Fits all SV1000 variants
    $115 AUD
  5. Want to sell
    Suzuki fairing bracket suits all 2nd gen SV650S and all SV1000S. In very good condition, never been bent or damaged. OEM 94510-16G01 Will NOT fit the naked bikes.
    $80 AUD
  6. Want to sell
    Radiator coolant overflow reservoir to suit Suzuki SV1000 and SV1000S 2003 to 2007 models OEM 17910-16G00
    $40 AUD
  7. Want to sell
    Headlight assembly in Very Good Condition to suit SV1000S and 2nd gen SV650S models OEM # 35100-16G20-999 $600 No breaks, no cracks, almost perfect lens.
    $225 AUD
  8. Want to sell
    For sale is a pair of frame covers from below the seat on a 2003 SV1000S These only fit the models with the straight bottom rail subframe, 2003 SV650S is suitable too One is the original from the bike and has the slightest shine to it The other is one i bought to replace one that fell off, and...
    $75 AUD
  9. Want to sell
    Throttle body assembly including TPS and STPS and Injectors Only suitable for 2003 SV1000 and SV1000S models Still in good order mechanically. OEM 13405-16G20
    $220 AUD
  10. Want to sell
    Brand new Magneto Cover Gasket OEM 11482-06G10 Suits all years and variants of SV1000 and DL1000 and DL1050 up to 2022 Unopened packaging.
    $25 AUD
  11. Want to sell
    This grab rail suits all SV1000 models and 2nd gen SV650 model OEM part number 46211-16G00 is $275. painted Ford Falcon FG paint code PE This item presents as brand new
    $75 AUD
  12. Want to sell
    Magneto cover suits 2002 to 2012 DL1000 V-Strom and 2003 to 2007 SV1000 models. Brand new unused 11340-06G21 is the OEM number, $350 from a dealership
    $250 AUD
  13. Want to sell
    Complete rear subframe plastics, suits all 2nd gen SV650 models and SV1000 models. They fit regardless of subframe shapes. In good condition, comes complete as left and right panels and rear infill panel as per pics. Painted Ford Falcon FG paint code PE. Will remain on bike for safe keeping...
    $170 AUD
  14. Want to sell
    Front fairing assembly (does NOT include headlight) to suit all SV650S and SV1000S Includes under panel, screen and dash surround panel Painted FG Falcon paint code PE No cracks (see pics) undamaged and in good condition Some stone chips, but, hey, so have i
    $250 AUD
  15. Want to sell
    Fuel tank in very good condition, not rust or dents. 44100-16G11 Comes with fuel pump, and a commonly done external fuel filter mod. Includes pump to fuel rail hose with external filter. Painted in Ford FG Falcon colour Parts will be removed from bike as sold. Obviously will fit a second gen 650...
    $325 AUD
  16. Want to sell
    Have put up separate ads for each item, i was being lazy doing it in one ad....
    $1,234 AUD
  17. SV1000 discussion
    Hi everyone, It's my first post in this forum, so if this isn't in the right section, please redirect me to the appropriate section. I would like to do a build on my Sv1000s 2005. I currently have a PCV on the bike and planning on getting a custom 2” exhaust (would like to keep the 2...
  18. SV1000 discussion
    I bought the 1000s top clamp to practice converting it for bars. It turned out nice but I didn't try to install it on my 650s yet? Will the clamps grab the 650s forks ok? I want to know before I attempt everything involved in the top yoke conversion. Thanks in advance!
  19. Online trading
    Mint condition SV1000S Fairings including headlights abs mirrors. One clip has broken as per pic and there’s a small crack but not visible once on see pic Comes with headlights and bulbs, mirrors and speedo May fit SV650 too 🤷🏼‍♂️ Any questions let me know £150 for the lot!!
  20. SV1000 discussion
    Hi guys, new to the forum. I'm looking at getting rid of the btl in some sort of way. Ive been searching through a lot of forums and it seems like you either weld it or swap it from a first gen dl. My question is if you weld the btl are you able to run the stock springs? Any idea on if the dl...
1-20 of 52 Results