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  1. Bikes for Sale
    Hi all, Would anyone be interested in my 2005 SV1000S with ~30K miles on it? The bike runs and had a full tuneup done last season (I can post the exact details/work order if there is any interest). However, I believe I blew a head gasket earlier this year and the bike has been garaged since...
  2. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hi i have done some searching and i haven't been able to find the information im after, just wondering if a TL clutch cover will go on an sv1000s 2003 ? i dont have access to a lathe so i cant cut out the hole in my clutch cover and was wondering if i could buy a TL cover assembly and then buy a...
  3. Bikes for Sale
    06 SV1000S , lots of add-ons $5999 bike has been sold I bought this bike new approx 2.5 yrs ago and have loved every minute of it. I have spent a lot of money and effort adding accessories to improve it's performance and looks but I am ready to move on to something else, currently 12,800...
1-3 of 3 Results