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  1. SV650 discussion
    Hi all. I’m trying to fit some lowering links. Unloaded the suspension and removed the rear bolt no bother. Front bolt is blocked by the subframe on the left. Unable to remove the sleeve completely to give more wiggle room as it’s blocked by the header pipe in the right. Am I missing something...
  2. Bikes for Sale
    For sale - SV650 K8 in black with red seat with 12,800 miles. I bought the bike when it had 3400 miles on it (1 previous owner to myself) and have covered 9400 since. I'm a fair weather rider and the bike has only been used for weekend outings throughout the spring and summer, it has never seen...
  3. Want to sell
    Prices dropped!! I have a few pairs of signals for sale: LED shorties and LED flush mounts: $20/set Also have some bar ends and spools. lots of colors: $10/set PM me if interested. :scooter:
  4. Want to sell
    have a dark smoke screen for sale.. its mint.. Cleaning out the garage.. so deals to be had .. heres a pic on my old bike asking $30 +s/h
  5. Bikes for Sale
    Year 2006 Make Suzuki Model SV650 Mileage 4400 Asking Price 3500 Contact Info [email protected] I have a 2006 SV650 for sale. Runs and drives great! Very low miles at 4407. Bike needs nothing.
  6. SV Video Clips
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  7. SV650 discussion
    Had to put the link for this up, as I think it's one of best and original bikes I have seen for ages!
  8. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Some of the sellers on ebay advertise their used fuel tanks as fitting both the SV650 and the SV1000/s. I'm somewhat skeptical as to wether or not the fuel tank of the SV650 could fit the SV1000? Ebay has usually 4 or so SV650 fuel tanks listed, but rarely one from a SV1k. So does anyone know...
1-8 of 8 Results