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  1. New Member Speak
    Anyone have any recommendations for a tail tidy for my 2003 sv 1000. Seems like most kits online are for 2005 and newer bikes. Definitely want to get rid of that MASS of black plastic back there !
  2. Want to sell
    I bought this new, never installed it. As previous owner had one in his garage which he was kind enough to throw into the bike purchase (2 weeks later). This tidy has no turn signals, you can use the stock ones. Does come with a very bright plate light. I bought from Creese1 on ebay. Here's a...
  3. Online trading
    Hi does anyone have not needed rear fender (snow shovel)? I'd really need it to be able to fit side panniers (i bought bike without it) let me know how much you want for it ~(PM) cheers :doh:
  4. Online trading
    Hi I'm selling undertray - blue YC2 that came with the bike - but i'm changing "design" I'm selling it on ebay - have a look here: http:// cheers
1-4 of 4 Results