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  1. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    so I'm interested in making a permanent fix for flywheel magnets i have a k3 and would like to lighten and balanced the flywheel at the same time any ideas on the best way to go about this or how to capsulate the magnets would be great
  2. Want to sell
    Selling my 2007 Suzuki GSXR 750 Tokico Front Brake Callipers. $200 CANADIAN or $150 USD Excluding Shipping. In great condition. New EBC HH Sintered pads about 500kms ago. Includes the Aluminum dowels that are inserted into the fork legs. I upgraded to Brembos. These are 108mm spacing...
  3. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hi Everyone, Iv looked through the SV forum and the GSXR forum and am having a hard time with this query. I did a K7 GSXR front end swap a few years ago, i am using the tokiko Calipers ( with dowel inserts ) and the Stock SV1000 brake Master Cylinder. I have braided steel lines as well and...
  4. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    Hello! Can anybody tell me if a pair of six-pot TOKICO calipers from a `99 Busa can fit to my `04 SV 1000, and if so, are they any improvement over the original four-pot. :unsure: Thanks a lot
  5. Tweaking, Tuning & Tricking
    A few weeks ago I purchased my 2007 SV1000S which was bone stock with 4,500 miles on it. Since then I have made some changes and didn't know what you guys recommended to do to make the bike look and feel better. As of right now I was thinking of getting some asv levers, turn signal mirrors, and...
1-5 of 5 Results