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  1. Want to buy
    Hello, New to the community here.. I laid down my baby on the track and am currently giving her right side a face lift. Unfortunately I can't find the 1000 full fairings anywhere.. Suzuki Partshouse only sells the lower pan.. Does anybody have a right side fairing (I'd even by the left side...
  2. Want to buy
    My parked bike was backed into here in DC. I need a set of front turn signals for my bike. Stock price from Suzuki is about 55 dollars. If anyone has any for sale I'm interested. I live in Washington, DC. I have a 2003 SV1000S -Tyler
  3. Want to buy
    Purchased my 03SV1Ks complete with Chewy's 2" lowering dogbones. Former owner did not retain the originals, and I would like to return the bike to stock height and start getting the suspension dialed in. I would also be willing to send the lowering dogbones to anyone that wants them for the...
  4. Want to buy
    I took off my side panels and seat today to start fiddling with my battery and the bolt mount broke off of the left battery. My guess is that it was already broken and messing with it just broke it off. Anyway, I'm looking for a compatible side panel for my left side (black). There's one on...
  5. Online trading
    My old girl is showing her age and a trip out today was very uncomfortable as the rear shock is know knackered, small pool of fluid left at the services on the M4, so has anyone got an old stock one sitting in the garage? As well as that the exhaust is blowing and needs replacing, all the foot...
1-5 of 5 Results