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As long as you dont tear the gsket, you will be ble to re-use it.....especially if you put a gasket paste - usually grey on it... thin smear each side.....
The rotor can be JB Welded in situ, you just need to wash it out.....just keeping the crap out of the sump....or pull it out if you aren't comfy with that...

Question....theoretically, the rotor should have suprseded to the 05 up rotor i thought.... which is lighter and helps the engine spin up quicker.....

Stupidly enough, looking up the part numbers 32102-16G00 (first version) fits all years, but 32102-16G10 (later part number) suits all years too.....

Suzuki do wierd crap hey.....and the lighter version is a lot dearer too.....
The online cross overs are often incorrect because of how their databases work and search. Since Suzuki often shows multiple years of bikes in one fiche set, cross overs can be incorrect when referencing online.

As per my direct Suzuki resource
16G00 is all 03/04
16G10 is 05-07
16G00 does not supersede from a technical standpoint but can be interchanged as we all know.

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