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2014 and Up DL1000 100mm Cylinders on an SV1000

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Some time back I purchased base and head gaskets form a 2014 DL1000 to investigate the possibility of using the 100mm bore cylinders on an SV1000. The gaskets showed me that a cylinder swap might be possible. I have been waiting around for a used set of cylinders to pop up somewhere to jump on them to try a swap.

Well I just got my hands on a set.

I took my SV1000 mock up engine I have here and was able to install the stock DL1000 piston and cylinder onto the cases.

The DL1000 100mm head gasket also lines up and should work!

This is pretty cool stuff, I have a set of 13.6:1 and 13.0:1 100mm JE pistons on my shelf!

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Good work Mike!:) When these start showing up regularly on Ebay it looks like a good way to go when we need pistons the next time. Going from 996 to 1037 would bump up the torque a little for sure.
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The stock piston looks to have a bit of a dish in the middle like they just extended the valve pockets across to the other side making like an inverted dome kind of thing. The Wiseco TL slugs seemed to measure a bit closer to the head maybe due to the pin location? Whatever the reason, it would take less machining on mine to get the squish down to around 1mm so the Wiseco's were a good move...and work great!!

Have you compared the Wiseco TL squish height to the JE's? I know the JE's offer quite a bit higher dome for maybe a full point more compression but I'm wondering if they require as much milling to set the squish? Will be interesting to read of your findings with the new DL jugs. Good work as always Mike!:) must be at altitude, we have 93 here many places *1200 ASL*
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