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2014 and Up DL1000 100mm Cylinders on an SV1000

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Some time back I purchased base and head gaskets form a 2014 DL1000 to investigate the possibility of using the 100mm bore cylinders on an SV1000. The gaskets showed me that a cylinder swap might be possible. I have been waiting around for a used set of cylinders to pop up somewhere to jump on them to try a swap.

Well I just got my hands on a set.

I took my SV1000 mock up engine I have here and was able to install the stock DL1000 piston and cylinder onto the cases.

The DL1000 100mm head gasket also lines up and should work!

This is pretty cool stuff, I have a set of 13.6:1 and 13.0:1 100mm JE pistons on my shelf!

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You fellas really know your stuff, just a shame your across the pond, do you guys build engine for many forum goers or just for personal use
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