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2014 and Up DL1000 100mm Cylinders on an SV1000

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Some time back I purchased base and head gaskets form a 2014 DL1000 to investigate the possibility of using the 100mm bore cylinders on an SV1000. The gaskets showed me that a cylinder swap might be possible. I have been waiting around for a used set of cylinders to pop up somewhere to jump on them to try a swap.

Well I just got my hands on a set.

I took my SV1000 mock up engine I have here and was able to install the stock DL1000 piston and cylinder onto the cases.

The DL1000 100mm head gasket also lines up and should work!

This is pretty cool stuff, I have a set of 13.6:1 and 13.0:1 100mm JE pistons on my shelf!

Zoom Zoom


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Guau. Good job! Would it be worth putting SV cylinder base gaskets on my 2016 DL? how much would the compression increase? I do not want a race preparation, only if the cylinder head is disassembled to prepare ducts, take advantage of it to improve slightly
love these topics, thanks for the information, and some photos are always very appreciated
thanks. the best middle term looks like red.
only velocity staks make a difference? I didn't think they could have so much influence. map with powercommander and autotune?
I'm glad to read your experiences jumjum, I am also a restless mind, although I lack time. Are you going to position the cams according to the indications of the master smitch314?
do not hesitate, buy an autotune (if your powercommander is V) and start making your own maps, the biggest profit is obtained when you get the correct AFR. It is without a doubt an investment that you will appreciate. and verify that the lambda is canceled so that the power works as it should
I have used it in my old DL k6 with very good results, and the dual in my L6 to verify parameters. You can look for second-hand units on ebay at a good price, I may even know of one, I will investigate it if you are interested


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I tell you again that a powercommander V with autotune will improve your performance
wrote here that I know of one of vstrom for 275 euros with autotune if you are interested, I can help you in the management
My goal is to get close to around 120 rwhp
Next project might be custom 2-1 exhaust header (inspired by M4 header design) and use stock exhaust can.
Perhaps this could help you in the construction of your 2in1 manifold, it is for DL ​​1000 von so it would not be very difficult to fit it with some modifications and it has a low cost. It won't save you from welding but will help tremendously with curves.


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It is true that the manifolds are different from SV and M4, however they do not seem very difficult to adapt to it with some retouching considering that the engine architecture is the same. They do not have balance tubes but that does not seem to be an impediment to performance, if you look at their shapes they are similar to similar high performance like Aprilia Rsv or KTM 990. I had the opportunity to test an arrow collector on my vstrom (3 photos ) and there is an improvement. across the range. For the price they have, they seemed like an option to try.


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My intention was that he could take advantage of the curves mostly for his purpose, I am what I would have done in his case, faster than starting from scratch. the manifold looks good, it is good at soldering, although I would have tried giving the rear cylinder a longer stroke to equalize the lengths of both manifolds. I do not like the new functioning of the forum so I do not know if you will see me much more here
Sorry to hear that you might be leaving forum. Manifolds are both 660mm in lenght from cylinder to collector, so hopefully i dont need a crossover pipe.
Does it say that the two are the same length? that is good. About the forum I was disgusted but it will be that I am outdated, maybe if I can understand it I like it, we will see
[QUOTE = "jumjum, publicación: 1852330831, miembro: 57309"]
Sí, ambos tienen la misma longitud. Tomó algo de tiempo y esfuerzo obtener la misma longitud y aún encajar debajo de los carenados,
GR, felicidades entonces, seguro que van bien
Congratulations, you have done a great job then, it sure is going well, delight us with some more photos
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