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Hi everyone, im here on behalf of my brother, he has a k7 sv, im ex mechanic, so have been servicing it, and made a few improvements such as full upgraded fork internals, nitron r2 rear shock, decent brake pads, slight gearing adjustment, airbox mods, k&n air filter, made a custom 2-1 full header & utilized one of the yoshi carbon cannister mufflers, full woolich ecu flash and dyno tuned, its putting 121hp to the wheel now, but planning full engine upgrade shortly, found plenty of interesting posts on improvements, so will incorporate a few, ĺike resetting camshaft lobe centers, +2mm je pistons, carrillo rods, crank rebalance, jb weld rotor magnets, werks clutch basket, dl center hub, undecided about slipper clutch yet, but i will be porting the cyl head and recutting valve seats, setting squish clearences up properly, good having winter months to get stuck into it...
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