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Disturbed, very...
2003 SV1000S
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Probably find the fluid level in the forks are about 20mm too low as well....just from evaporation... ha ha...... I raised the fluid level (with oem springs) from (on a 2003) 162 to 150 and from 2.5w to 5w and that made a huge difference 04 gixxer shock raised the bum by 10mm above the axle, throwing a little more weight to the front.....helped a lot....
Eventually threw .95 springs in too.....and raised the oil to 130 from memory and away she went....much much better.
Running an 07 750 front now....

Oh, and i am holding the other side of the country down....behind the GC in Queensland......
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4281 - 4281 of 4281 Posts