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I just got back from a long weekend (Thurs-Sun) up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in a small town about 10 miles outside of Boone (Fleetwood/Deep Gap area off 221N).

If you like peace and quiet, beautiful scenery, and a great, great place to ride go there. I was 1 mile away from the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It is a twisting, turning, elevation changing, road that is a joy to drive on. Especially during peak season in October when the mountain looks like it is on fire.

I did NOT have my bike, but many did, and I will be back. I am lucky enough to live 2 1/2 hours away here in Raleigh. But if I were you, and you want to ride a long, windy road this is it! But beware, there is very few opportunities to lay your bike down and live and don't run wide either.

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