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I bought about 30 minutes ago a sv1000r.
Haven't seen the bike, don't know the mileage. Even don't know from which year it is. It's red...
Is it a good buy? Yes, it was my sons bike. He needed money, I wanted a new toy next to my VFR800fi.
What are, if any, the biggest issues I can expect?

Disturbed, very...
2003 SV1000S
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In business, never trust friends or family....:ROFLMAO:

But, really, first thing to look into is the rotor magnets, get that fixed of need be asap.
Secondly, the green connector.
Next, not a "fix" but, spend some time with throttle balancing and making sure your TPS (throttle Pos. Sensor) is set right, along with the STPS (Secondary TPS)

Search the forum for these, or ask away here....

Really, the rest of the bike is like any other bike.....everyone needs work here and there.
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