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Ive made a post previously regarding this issue (rwar brake proggessively locking on) and i think ive found the source:

Ive pulled the rear caliper apart and replaced the piston and seals..

But when i put the piston into the cup it sort of struggles to find its spot.. i build up pressure and it still wiggles around, then suddenly shoots all the way down. But it needs a significant amount of pressure for it to slot in.

I used a piston tool to pull it about halfway out again and tried pushing it back in. Same issue.. it feels really tight and stuck.. then suddenly just slots all the way to the bottom.

The piston will come out very smoothly but when i try push/retract it back in its just sticky and gross. Ive flipped the seals around and they are brand new. But ive no idea what the hell is going on.

Does the entire caliper need replacing?

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Silly question, but is the seal in a-about face ?

As far as the brake i assume progressively locking on, i would be more inclined to think that it is the master cylinder that needs a kit put through it.....
When you press the pedal, the fluid delivered to the caliper is not allowed to return to the master cylinder reservoir. Also, if the reservoir is overfilled
the temperature build up in the fluid can cause the pressure to increase in the system making it apply the brake a little at a time....
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