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I've mounted many cheap bicycle speedometers on motorcycles over the years. It's been hit and miss with them. Various problems include: wireless pickups not compatible with engine electronic noise, dropouts in the readout at speed, unable to read over 100mph, overly sensitive to gap between magnet and pickup, etc.

I've finally discovered the cheap to buy but awesome performing CatEye Velo 9. It's a Japanese product and that makes all the difference. I paid $20 on EBay but now see a slightly different Velo 9 on Amazon for under $17. It came with Japanese instructions but those are easily replaced with an English PDF from the Internet. I admit it took me 20 minutes or so to figure out the programming trick but once learned it can be fully setup in less than a minute. The trick on these is to take a long ride with a phone or other GPS and compare the CatEye's speed with the GPS. Do some mental or other calculations. Whatever the difference is make an adjustment to your wheel circumference settings. My measurement of circumference was 77 inches or 1956 mm. At that setting the CatEye was 4 - 5% optimistic. I backed the circumference down to 1860 and am spot on with the GPS. My speculation is the weight of a rider compresses the tire and affects the circumference. It's mounted on a cut rubber mat that actually has a nice look. I glued a magnet to the front rotor and glued the pickup below the fender on the right front fork.

The features I have now include:

1. Dead accurate speedo
2. Clock
3. Highest speed saved (125 MPH max)
4. Average speed
5. Odometer
6. Safety factor!! No more looking down for several seconds at triple digits to see the speed.
7. Several other features are present but not important to me.


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