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For sale:
Handlebar riser with super bike handlebars and extended throttle cable:

Modified '03 SV1000S top triple (reinforced with 1/4" aircraft aluminum) fitted with 7/8" handlebar mounts.
Black Handlebars
Extended throttle cables.

Here's the skinny... ( I have a shop...)
I ordered an ABM Superbike handlebar kit from Ebay and the package was lost.
I bought a used top triple from Ebay.
I made, fitted and epoxied 1/4" aluminum plate to fill the voids on the underside of the top yoke.
Bored the 10mm holes for the handlebar mounts. Affixed the clamps with lock washers and locktite.
Got the thumbs up from the mechanic a the dealership.
While my bike was at the shop, the package arrived.

While the bars I put together were, "just fine", the mechanic decided to use the ABM kit as it was complete with hoses, etc. and didn't need the longer throttle cable.

I have pics of the modification process and finished piece. I can send if anybody is interested.
I've got about $150 in the project (plus figuring and machining)...

$150 pus shipping or best offer. Thanks for looking.
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