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I got the idea from a post from Realshelby on his v-storm that he did and with some of his mindblowing ideas and some changes of my own i did the mod and after now and a some years i never look back it is working like charm and i never have to worry about the dam magnets and if the alternator packs up the parts is available everywhere

I hope the link is working
So i know that realshelby sold his bike before i did mine but i hope that the guy that bought it can come through and give his opinion too but for me i will not go back.

I can only post more pics on the weekend when i am home and if someone needs some more info on how and what to do i am more than happy to help and support,it is very easy to do if you have a little bit of welding and machining experience.

and yes i know my side cover needs to fixed where the belt runs and it will be done we were just trying to see if it holds up and when i go on leave this holiday the covers is getting a redo and some repaint.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts