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Hi all,

I recently removed a dual headlight setup that looks pretty much like these:

Unfortunately, when re-mounting the OEM bucket and 7" headlamp, the wiring wasn't plug and play.

1. Here's the original headlight setup I was dealing with. You can see on the left-hand side there's a standard H4 pigtail/plug. This is eventually what I need to end up with as I have an H4 male plug you'll see in later photos. The dual head-light setup has a connector I've not seen so I assume this was done by the previous owner to get this setup to work.
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2. This is just showing the dual headlight connector and what's coming off of the harness and how it was originally powered.
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3. Another look at the existing wiring.
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4. And here's an image with the OEM bucket mounted and the LED bulb/ballast w/H4 connector I need to be able to plug in.
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Do I just need to cut off that older 3 plug/pin connector and connect a female H4 pigtail? I've also seen some setups that go straight to the battery instead, does anyone have any experience with those?

I've ordered a set of 4 Yoshimura LED turn signals and I think I'll also need to re-wire those as they come with bullet style connectors. Not sure yet, but I may post a follow up in this thread.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Would it be better to just buy a new (used/ebay) wiring loom that hasn't been messed with like this? Or does everything on the existing harness look OK to modify for my needs? If I need additional parts, links would be super helpful.

Thank you!
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