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2003 SV1000S
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Welcome Alex....

Damn those cans are is your hearing now... ha ha

Curious looking more pics of them ? Where did you get them?

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let me do a propper intro of the Sv
Nice clean top yoke
headlight switch
olhins steering damper
Tre and gear indicator
voltage indicator with usb port
Gsxr1000 inverted suspenion and brake callipers
carbon fiber front mud guard
xenon conversion kit
ignition key relocation
Blue Automotive lighting Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Vehicle
Fuel tank Wheel Motorcycle Vehicle Automotive lighting
Bicycle tire Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle
Motor vehicle Hood Light Automotive design Automotive lighting
Hood Automotive tire Finger Bumper Motor vehicle
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bicycle tire
Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Hood Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Vehicle door
Hood Vehicle Blue Automotive lighting Motor vehicle
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