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How do I do introductions?
I've been riding since the beginning of may 2019 on a 15' cb500f starting with 3k miles, mostly got inspired to get one because of schaaf. May have riden it on atv and hunting trails. Skip past 2 years, 17k miles, and a tone of research later i was choosing between a fz1, the sv1k, or a vfr800.

I was only able to ride the sv for about a week only for the forks to start leaking so i've been through some race tech and dave moss videos to see what I should do. Due to both on the cb and sv being I guess a bit tall and high sprung for my 5'4 126 lb build, my knees always sit at the frame and make the tank grips almost useless. (couldn't edit it but think of the motoergo photo as if I was raising my calf).

So far the mods I've seen on this has been:
Leovinch sbk exhaust
airbox snorkle delete
K&N air filter
05 gsxr 750 front end
05 zx10r rear shock

So far it seemed under powered from how the owner was describing it, it seems to have stock gearing cause it only lifts a little bit in 1st. After that it just goes on fine.

Here are some other nit picks I found for that week:
hard turn in even after airing up tires, once aired to spec and then 42psi rear and 35psi front
rear brake pad gone
kickstand sensor (fixed)
rough vibrations- when bought the sv's idle was set to 2,500 rpm, i've turned it down to 1,200 rpm. Its not a numbing shake anymore but its far from smooth.
kickstand needs to be moved down by hand to move
2 completely different tires

I wont be able to check on it till mid october though because im outta state.

msedge_mzkfS7WTpY.png 20201224_115802.jpg 20201224_115946.jpg 20210102_133622.jpg 106705417_291146192034556_4881513935753172616_n.22.jpg
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