I won't be shopping for another SV anytime soon, so it's time to find homes for this stuff:
  • Helibars clip-ons/handlebars (p/n: HB03041) <-- Moves the handlebars up to 1" further back and 2" taller while retaining the stock cables, which is awesome. Still sporty feeling, but much more comfortable and a more natural wrist angle than the oem clip-ons. I bought these used, so the silver powdercoating shows some wear, but the bars are still in good shape. These were discontinued for the SV1000 in 2014, so they are getting very hard to find these days!
  • Race Tech fork springs in 1.0kg (p/n: FRSP S4031100) <-- Brand new in box. Includes a brand new AllBalls Racing fork seal kit (p/n: 56-150)
  • PSR USA air injection (aka: smog) block off plates in black <-- Brand new in box. I'll also throw in a brand new check valve that some of the more knowledgeable members had recommended to help absorb pulses and improve response further (SMC PVC-CHK-427-6B6B-B, gray PVC 427 series poppet check valve, 3/8" barb X 3/8" | eBay)
  • SV-N handlebar risers. <-- Before I found the Helibars, I was going to drill the top triple and use these with regular handlebars like the "N" models. These came off a used bike, but are in nice shape.
  • FH020AA rectifier. <-- My plan was to upgrade the factory rectifier on the SV to this one, but never got around to it. Taken off a newer bike with very low miles (5K or less as I recall)
  • Front and Rear LED turn signal kit from BikeMaster. Slim arrow shape just like these: Bikemaster mini LED turn sinals running lights for motorcycles | eBay <-- I have the matching front and rear sets, along with a pack of fresh 1K ohm 1/2W resistors and a pair of the small plastic fairing adapter plates for replacing the factory front signals. Aside from actually wiring them in, this should be everything you need to upgrade your SV to proper LED turn signals and this set is unique in its features: The front lights feature steady white running lights and flash bright amber when the turn signal is engaged. The rear lights feature steady red running lights that bump from 50% to 100% brightness when the brake is applied, in addition to having the same bright amber lights activated when the turn signal is engaged. In other words, the rear lights can be set up so that they are turn signals, running lights and supplemental brake lights at the same time! Definitely helps with overall visibility and safety while looking much sleeker than the OEM units!
I should also have a set of 40mm drop-down rear passenger foot pegs in black, meant to give the passenger a little more leg room, but I haven't come across those yet in my unpacking. I was going to use them with my DanMoto cans, so not sure if they'll work with the stock cans or not. But let me know if you're interested in these and I'll see if I can locate them.

PM me with what you're interested in and I'll do my best to work out something reasonable (the more you buy, the better the deal!). Shipping to U.S. only or we can meet locally if you're in the Seattle area.