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An effective rear brake is always worth having, but like all aspects of riding a motorcycle it requires a degree of skill to get the best from it. Rear brake, like a throttle, if you abuse it, will bite you in the bum. Use it properly and it is a useful tool. 30% of your braking force is an awful lot to just dismiss as 'Oh I never use that'. I know under HUGE braking the rear lifts from the road, but how often does that happen? Be honest.

On my rear brake, I have Stainless braided hose, and EBC HH pads, and my rear brake actually slows the bike down, I nearly always use both brakes even when riding hard, but in slow turns, parking etc, I use just the rear.
If you have cleaned up the pad faces, bled the system, cleaned the piston, and it's still not strong, then try hanging a weight on your brake pedal over night to keep the fluid compressed, it will 9 times out of 10, feel stronger the next day.
Had new pads and rear brake felt anemic
Did a series of rear brakes only , wipe say 20k off From 100
At first hardly slowed then started to bite and took more care
On another occasion with old pads it felt lacing,did a mega bleed at and at first fluid seemed ok then had lots of really baby bubbles
The new fluid was different colour and I kept bleeding till the new colour came close to what was going in then bled the same amount of new fluid through again, feel was very direct then
I find the response off a closed throttle can be abrupt so I try to leave v small amount of throttle when I back off and use back brake to nuetralise
Then to accelerate its off the rear brake and throttle on
Suits me anyway
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