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In the advanced MSF course (at least the one I took) they had you stop just using the back brake and even had you lock it up. No one went down.
Exactly. And in that class there was a video that showed that you can stop in a significantly shorter distance using *both* brakes rather than just the fronts. That not only includes a panic stop situation, that especially means in a panic stop situation. That nonsense about getting the rear end in the air has little application for the street. (That extra dozen feet or so may be the difference between hitting something hard or not.) However, properly using the rear brake takes training...and practice. That's what the Rider Course is all about.

You can get yourself in trouble with the rear brake, but you can also get yourself in trouble simply riding a motorcycle if you don't know what you are doing.

I know just what "Ski" (first post in this thread) is saying. When I got my SV1000 I was very impressed by the front brakes, and underwhelmed by the rear brake. The rear brakes were weak and had no feel. I wanted both my brakes to perform well. So I replaced the brakes lines (front and rear) with stainless steel braided lines. That didn't help the rear brake much. So I got a pair of EBC HH-rated rear pads. That helped!

I really enjoy having powerful brakes front and rear. Its akin to having a powerful motorcycle and knowing that you have tons of power to have fun with, but that if you open the throttle too much, at the wrong time, that you can overdo it. It's the same with the brakes. Use them judiciously and you can really haul 'er down quickly. Get stupid with the brakes and you can get in trouble. Good riders train (and practice) to get the most out of their brakes in every situation.
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