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Hello valued and esteemed members,

There is a lot of spam bombing happening at the moment, and even this low traffic site is getting a bit of rubbish thrown its way.
I used to get 1 or 2 member join approval reviews every fortnight, the last 2 weeks its been minimum of 3 a day, but usually 6 or more.
They tend to be variants of user @ blah blah whatever .top .... The .top is a Chinese country domain. Read into that what you will.

Also, a couple of member joins recently are a little suspicious, and you will notice who. But summarily banning because of grammar
isn't to be relied upon, so 1 chance is given.

Please, dont be shy in reporting anything suspect, or poor behaviour by a member, usually DM's that are unwarranted.

I will leave this sticky for the time being.

Have a great day guys and dolls

EDIT : A few days later, and i haven't had any more of those .top bombs..... so either the site owners have built a filter to stop them altogether
or we have a spy-ring.....all the same, keep your eyes peeled
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