Genuine OEM Suzuki "Low Profile" seat for '04-up SV1000 models.

Excellent condition! I know this seat doesn't get discussed much around here because it is relatively rare, but the factory Suzuki "low" seat is a great choice if you have an average build and are looking for an improved shape over the stock seat while retaining a factory appearance!

The height and profile is very reminiscent of the Sargent, but this factory "low" seat feels a bit more narrow on top due to the subtle edge contouring, which makes it easier to grip the tank with the knees and helps improve reach to the ground compared to the stock seat.

If you're built rather "big" (like I am...6'4", 230 lbs, 34" inseam), I'd recommend the Sargent instead, but for the average rider, this is a solid improvement in comfort at a great price!

$120 shipped (U.S. only)