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Brought my 2003 SV1000N in to the Corona store to have my suspension tuned to my size. The front fork was recently rebuilt so all it needed was adjustment. The rear shock was rebuilt with a new spring replaced the fluid,the bushings , seals the whole full ride (including a new rubber bump stop). For $511 (including a teeshirt) my bike was changed from an entertaining bucking bronco into a perfectly sprung street champion. Went from about a 4 to a 10+ on a ten point scale. I am an older rider and I can't write enough positives about this business. Excellent service tech (Thanks Richard!) perfect office (Thanks Sydney!) the three Mastiffs were friendly and frightening at the same time. In at 11am out by 3:15pm with a quick lesson on how to strap my bike onto my trailer. If you are thinking about it don't wait; worth every penny.


Disturbed, very...
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Lets tell everyone......the Corona store will go viral for sure.....people will think their bikes are really sick.....

(i am a bad bad boy )
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