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Regulator rectifier

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After some reading and Youtube I've started to wonder if I should replace the stock R/R to a mosfet type.
I can be a pain to source a brand new due to chinese copies, but finding a used stock from a modern bike with the mosfet type already fitted should be the way to go.

What's your thoughts and have you already swapped the R/R for something else?
Can't seem to find much here on the portal.
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To be honest I'm still not fully understanding the pros and cons of different R/R designs: SCR, Mosfet, Series. The conclusion from reading what I suspect to be wise peoples words is that the SH847 is expensive but will reduce load (heat) on the stator.

Its all about the smoke mate....... they all run on smoke.... if you dont believe me, when you see smoke come out of an electrical component, i can bet it wont work anymore.....
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and here is that majic smoke in action.... :oops:
..but its not very majic as it will 100% cost u🤑🤑🤑🙁:ROFLMAO:an it feking stinks....:sick::sick::sick::sick:
Two seasons ago I installed myself on SV1K FH020AA. No problem, and installed in the tail of the motorcycle on the right side. It does not heat up and works stably. Makes a stable charge for the battery in a wide range of generator revolutions.
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I've been keeping an eye on Suzuki spare part 32800-31J00. Its R/R off DL1000 2014 and DL1050. Should be a Shindengen SH847. Buying as the Suzuki part number should be a good way to eliminate fakes.
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