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Well, this forum is a bit confusing, because there is already "welcome new member" topic in other area too.

But anyways here goes (again).

I bough my SV 1000 N -04 in July -17, and been driving about 7000 km each summer (5 months per year)
When I got it it had 40000 km, and now the clock says 72000 km.

My SV is originally UK bike, and imported to Finland around -13 I think.

Fairly standard, just some add-on's
  • Devil exhaust
  • power commander III
  • hugger
  • rear seat cover
  • bellypan
  • front mudguard extension
  • side panels match-painted (red)
  • custom seat
  • K/N air filter
  • Cobrra chain oiler
  • etc
I have made sort of maintenance app in which I can add every event that happens. So I can follow the milage & cost cumulating per year.

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Perhaps briefly my 2-wheel history

-07 ... -11: Suzuki GSX 750 Inazuma -98 (silver)
  • First ever motorbike, didn't have even moped/scooter before Inazuma.
  • Lovely gearbox, VERY simple suspension, quite harsh to drive, old fashion styling
  • OK to start with

-11 ...-17 no bike at all

-17 ... present: Suzuki SV 1000 N -04 (red)

  • Huge improvement to Inazuma in every aspect
  • V2 sound is... well, you know, you either love it or hate it ;)
  • Will never sell this as long as I have my licence, probably not even then
  • Current milage ~70000 km

-21 ... present: FJR -07
  • Perfect for my purposes for distance-driving
  • Gearbox is OK, but no match for Suzuki, sorry
  • Sport cruiser, great engine, stable but still agile handling, me like!
  • Current milage +150000 km and counting
The reason I didn't look for low-milage FJR is that
  • Price was cheaper
  • Driving more milage is no big deal, numbers in odometer won't give headache when you have plenty to begin with.

And me? Grownup guy, like beer, whisky, daily bike trips with friends (maybe even longer now that I have FJR). Regular dude I would say, feet on the ground.
How grownup you ask? Well, when Kennedy was shot, I "soiled" mi diapers in horror

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Welcome to the site Havis....

Interesting app you have made you have an English / Italian / German version ? (trying to not be exclusive..ha ha)

And, how did you live between 11-17 without a bike...? Man, that would have been painful....:oops::LOL:
Sorry, only finish version implemented. I got tired writing events down on paper or in excel sheet.

So one day I decided "well, why not make an app for this, put your occupation into use for once"
I made 1st version around -10, and have been updating it every now and then when I get some improvement idea.
It works locally on MySQL server, so doesn't suit for just every man.
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